Design & development

  • Designs based on specifications and on-site assessments, in line with the latest technical standards and EU directives
  • Modular system planning, using standardised and purchased parts from leading manufacturers as much as possible
  • Changes and expansions incorporated during the planning phase
  • CAD workstations with various interfaces to the customer, compatible with all standard formats


  • Production of single systems, small series and complete lines
  • One partner for all assembly services
  • Strict quality control for individual parts and system testing before delivery
  • Acceptance and machine capability verification together with customer

Commissioning and training

  • LAIB stand-alone machines are all “plug and play”


  • On-site training and expert instructors help customers work effectively with their machines
  • Reliable support through to the smooth start of series production

Maintenance & spare parts

  • 24-hour service if required, even on weekends and public holidays
  • Remote maintenance and production monitoring
  • Comprehensive stock of spare and purchased parts, short access times

Conversion and retrofitting

  • Quick, uncomplicated conversions and adjustments for new workpieces
  • LAIB converts existing machines for new tasks, further boosting investment security


  • Detailed technical documentation in digital or paper form with CE declaration