Pipe cleaning system

This system is used to clean the inside of pipelines with various media and cleanliness requirements.

  • Fully automatic rinsing process
  • Configurable rinsing programmes with varying pressures, pulses and intervals
  • Configurable drying programmes, including under vacuum if necessary
  • Pneumatic clamping systems for various workpieces
  • System can be fitted with various changeable equipment

Filling system for medical products

This system is used to fill various containers with media for medical products.

The system consists of four stations:

  • Purging: The container is purged with argon gas
  • Filling: The container is filled with medium (high-precision scales for exact metering)
  • Blanketing: The filled container is blanketed with argon gas
  • Screwing: The container lid is screwed on, with monitoring of torque and angle

Thrust washer test system for sealing rings

This system tests the physical properties of thrust washers and sealing rings. The installation state under extreme conditions can be simulated in an endurance test.

  • Adjustable variables: Temperature, speed and oil pressure
  • Measured values: Temperature, torque, flow (leaks), rotation speed, oil pressure, wear