Engineering with ingenuity

Customers expect more...

We at LAIB are best placed to respond. We develop and manufacture measurement, testing, conditioning and assembly systems based on decades of experience, proven expertise and incredible ingenuity. Our systems are capable of successfully meeting the constantly growing expectations of various customers and industries. All while offering excellent value for money.

Fully automated leak test system for gearbox housings

  • Fully automated test cell for gearbox housings
  • Automated robot loading system

Semi-automatic leak test and assembly system for engine crankcases

  • Leak testing on multiple areas with varying pressure
  • Automatic feed and insertion of fitting sleeves
  • Designed for easy integration into an automation system

Negative pressure testing on circuit boards for automatic gearboxes

  • Vacuum-based leak testing
  • Mobile and compact variant with changeable equipment for different applications and test specimens

Test stand for injection nozzles

  • Test stand for experiments and endurance testing on various injection nozzles
  • Pressure and volume flow regulation
  • Nozzle spray width measurement