Assembly and testing station for vehicle engines in manual production

The engine is inserted into a fully automatic assembly and testing station on an assembly trolley. The following steps are then performed fully automatically:

  • Reading of the DMC content for the pistons
  • Checking of the pistons’ installation direction
  • Checking for the water choke
  • Checking for the water pump shaft
  • Screwing on the main bearings
  • Screwing on the big-end bearings
  • Screwing on the oil pump wheel
  • Axial play measurement on the crankshaft
  • Breakaway torque
  • Starting torque
  • Rework modes for screwing and measuring

Assembly system for exhaust gas heat exchangers

The system is used for initial checks and pre-assembly of housing cases for exhaust gas heat exchangers.

  • Screwing in blind plugs
  • Screwing on handling collars
  • Pushing in locating pins
  • Monitoring the assembly step and checking for components